HiTork USA LLC - Suppliers of Screw Jacks, Lifting systems, Universal joints and Bevel Gearboxes

Bevel Gearbox

  • Cubical form housing for symmetry.
  • Gear ratios 1:1, 1.5:1 and 2:1.
  • 8 different sizes for maximum output torque ranging from 17 Nm to 3550 Nm.
  • Fully machined with tapped holes for universal mounting, thus 6 possible mounting positions.
  • 1 input with 1,2,or 3 outputs, hollow outputs.
  • motor flange for direct mounting of motors (up to FG55).
  • Either direction of rotation.
  • Mounting base for fastening outside the Cubical form.
  • Efficiency 95-96 % depending upon Lubrication.
  • Oil or grease filling.
  • 'O' Rings /oil seals at all joints.
  • Tapered roller bearings for high radial & Axial load capacity, long life.
  • Spiral bevel gearbox (Gleason System) for FG60 & FG75.
  • For 14000 & 30,000 lbs, Housing is made of closed grain cast-iron, for higher sizes, SG 500/7 material.
  • Screw made of Cr-Mo medium Carbon Steel, hardened and tempered for high core strength.
  • Nut made of aluminum bronze to British Standard grade AB2.
  • Bevel gearbox Case hardened.
  • Tapered roller bearings to carry heavy axial as well as radial loads.

Screw Rod- End Variants


  • Lifting Screw (Type 1)
  • Rotating Screw, Traveling Nut (Type 2)

Screw Rod- End Variants