HiTork USA LLC - Suppliers of Screw Jacks, Lifting systems, Universal joints and Bevel Gearboxes

Universal Joints

  • 3 types of Universal joint, Single Universal joint, Double Universal joint and Expandable Universal joint.
  • Diameters from 13 to 63 mm
  • Expandable type have splines for telescopic movement.
  • Various type of bores, cylindrical, square Hexagon to suit every application.
  • Hubs are made of Cr-Mo medium carbon steel, hardened & Tempered for high torque transmission.
  • Pins are made of Ni- Cr- Mo medium carbon steel, hardened & Tempered for high shear strength.
  • Special platings for corrosion resistance available on request.

Screw Rod- End Variants

  • Single U S
  • Expandable U D E
  • Double U D
  • Cylindrical
  • Cylindrical Bore with Keyway
  • Square Bore
  • Hexagonal Bore